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Capillary Electrophoresis with LED Fluorescence

  • LED Fluorescence Detector
  • 16 Sample Throughput

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Capillary Electrophoresis with LED fluorescence Detector and Manual 16 Sampler

Capillary Electrophoresis… a modular solution by WynSep

Easy-to-Use, Easy-to-Upgrade, Budget Friendly, Flexible and Efficient. Ask about our lease/purchase options!

Wyn-CE is the only Modular Capillary Electrophoresis (CE) Instrument available. It’s modular design makes it quick to set-up, easy-to-use and versatile; upgrade as your needs change. If ever a repair is needed, a quick module exchange gets you back up and running. Use it for methods development, QA/QC, research and teaching. Three configurations available: Manual, Semi-automatic and Automatic.


The W-CETP3 configuration includes:

  • Fluorescence Detector Module: LED induced fluorescence provides higher sensitivity, longer lifetime and lower noise than typical laser induced detectors. Wavelength: 480nm.

  • Manual Sample Carousel:  holds 16 sample vials of the classical HPLC 2 ml format or for smaller sample quantities you can use vials with micro-inserts. The cathode vial is a fixed 10 ml glass vial with a mark to adjust buffer level (prevents siphoning)
  • Power Supply: auto-reverse high voltage power supply; +/-30kV, 300uA max. Also used for electrokinetic injections.
  • Capillary Cartridge: with 30cm of capillary.
  • Capillary Thermal Regulation System: combining Peltier cooling, forced air and efficient air pathways creates a highly effective capillary cooling system with stable temperatures.
  • Accessory Drawer: provides storage and easy access to accessories and consumables.
  • Pneumatic Module: a robust vacuum pump is used to inject and rinse the capillary. The module can rinse at upto 900 mbars with variable times, and inject at an adjustable value. By default the injection pressure is set at 50 mbar and it can be changed at any time by the user.
  • Smart Touch Screen: a 5 x 7” interface lets you be running in 5 minutes. Browse three menus to set parameters for single or sequential runs. Data Acquisition and analysis are easy to do.Analytical Software: compatible with most existing data acquisition software packages or Clarity Acquisition Software is available as an option. Record up to 4 channels: detector, current, voltage, temperature and pressure.
  • Detector options:
  1. Tungsten lamp: extends visible range for light absorbing compounds
  2. Capacitance Coupled Contactless Conductivity (C4D): for analysis of ionic species and other charged compounds. This is an optic based detection system and requires no maintenance and no lamps.
  3. LED Induced Fluorescence: provides higher sensitivity, longer lifetime and lower noise than typical laser induced detectors. Wavelengths available are 480nm, 450nm, 530nm, 640nm.          
  4. External Detectors: MS, ICP etc. can be use via special cassette


 For product specifications and options go to “Downloads” tab above.