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Collagenase NB 4

Available in 500mg, 1g, 5g
Standard grade
PZ activity greater than 0.10 U/mg

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Collagenase NB 4 Standard grade by Serva/Nordmark

Clostridiopeptidase A, MW 70kDa - 120kDa, CAS 9001-12-1

Collagenase NB 4 Standard grade is made according to EU GMP guidelines for cell isolation applications in tissue engineering and tissue transplantation. This collagenase has similar activity as Collagenase NB 6 and Collagenase NB 5. Collagenase NB 4 can be used in cell isolation for human, rodent and frog cell types.

This collagenase produced from Clostridium histolyticum. It is chromatographically purified and contains class I and class II collagenases with balanced mix of Trypsin like activity, neutral protease and clostripain.

Applications for Collagenase NB 4 standard includes cell isolation of: 

  • Human hepatocytes
  • Human Chondrocytes
  • Human endometrial cells
  • Human endothelial cells (umbilical cord, foreskin)
  • Frog oocytes
  • Bovine and rat Chromaffin cells
  • Osteoblasts (human, mouse)
  • Stem cells (Whartons jelly, lipoaspirate)
  • Tumor cells (Colon)

Collagenase NB 4 sterile activitie(s)

  • PZ (Wunsch): greater than 0.10 U/mg

Unit definition: 1U catalyzes the hydrolysis of 1umole 4-phenylazobenzyloxycarbonyl-L-prolyl-D-arginine per minute at 25C.

HS: 35079090

Store between 2-8C or 35 - 46F

Image credit: By Deposition authors: Spurlino, J.C., Smith, D.L.;visualization author: User:Astrojan -, CC BY 3.0, Link